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Ok, I talk a LOT about thinking unconventionally AND I seem to really like life insurance, right?

The next question you could be asking yourself is why does he like life insurance so much?

Is it just a sales pitch? 

Long story short, after practicing law for many years and having jumped headlong at a young age into the FL real estate boom.  

I watched many people have their lives destroyed. 

Assets that took people years of work to accumulate were wiped out.  

I saw older folks who were retired from high income positions and business ownership, forced back to work in new areas or lower paying jobs.  

I saw younger couples driven to divorce.  

A notable friend who was being pursued by banks was found having died in his garage.  

And, my own "money situation" had taken a beating as well after the 2007 banking collapse.

POINT BEING:  Money is no joke and gambling is incredibly risky when it is your nest egg.

Do I need to continue?  

Why are we encouraged to put our money in a casino and hope for the best?

We recently watched a yet another "bad night at the tables" ending in massive market losses.  

How does this "unpredictability" work, when we are trying to secure a life for our loved ones and a nest egg for future generations.

Short answer, it doesn't.

As a lawyer, I was trained "rather vigorously" to protect people with the truth.  

My hope is that you consider this message and the Blueprint some truth telling from a rather unique perspective.  The knowledge is not all mine, it was just revealed to me by some wise people and my goal was to assemble and deliver it in an enjoyable and easy to digest format. 

My introduction to these ideas began years ago.  I was riding the risk roller coaster in my practice and a colleague introduced to the infinite banking concept, which was originally created by Nelson Nash.  Nelson's ideas caught my attention, as an estate planner, then changed my thinking and ultimately changed my life by altering my relationship with money.  Nelson's ideas have since been adopted by many, and are really a philosophy related to money and how to use it.  Nelson's ideas require a mental shift and many people exposed to them continue to miss the point. 

I wrote the Self Banking Blueprint, to share my experience and also help to prod this mental shift by focusing on the philosophical, personal and practical aspects of my infinite banking journey.  

My hope is that this book will challenge you and your relationship with money just as Nelson's book did mine. 

To your success,

Steve Gibbs, CEO, I&E
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  • Look Behind the Banking Curtain
  • ​Learn Money Secrets of the Wealthy
  • ​Find Out Little Known Secrets About Strategic Life Insurance
  • ​Understand How to Use Paid Up Additions to Harness Policy Power
  • ​Learn About Powerful Concepts Such as Leverage, Liquidity and the Velocity of Money
  • ​Get Prepared to Create Your Own Conduit Wealth Building System 

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How Banks Make Money

The Fractional Reserve System

Secrets of the Wealthy

Whole Life vs. Real Estate Assets

Whole Life Myths

Economic Value Added

Philosophy of Money


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